We work in partnership with the most important analysts and influencers of the workplace.

  • Redefining training with curated content
  • Online training platform accessible 24/7
  • Monitoring of Learning data from training
  • Future-Proof Workplace
  • Redefining the Organizational Culture
  • Training and Team Building Events

Get the right skills to Future Proof your workplace

Professional Consulting
In Line with your Actual Needs

In addition to offering various selected learnings for your online training folio or for training cells, Cirentis is attentive to your specific training needs and offers to produce trainings to meet your learning needs, quickly.

The Power to Train
Get them job-ready

Train skills on demand now. Build and design training based on data and anticipate the training needs of tomorrow. Earn valuable information.

Get started in data science, machine learning, and more. Be a sought-after company for the quality of your teachings.

Excellent Strategies
Always Great Timing

Our online training platform Zebfolio has the power to train at any time on any device, 24/7, without time limits, as each course is available upon request at all times.

The power to quickly train employees and the workforce, wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Deep Research Reporting
Sharing Deep Learning Data

Our learning platform offers the opportunity to acquire training results from your online courses. That learning data knowledge provides an AI insights about the skills needed to reach our full personal and professional potential.

Global Development
Grow as you go

Whether you need are to use an online learning platform to train a few employees with specific skills or enable them to acquire certifiable skills, we provide tools and services that evolve with your organization’s learning needs.

Worldwide Availability
Simplify the Learning Process

In the 21st century, training has to be considered as an integrated and continuous activity, whether it is for work, wellness or leisure.

We provide democratization of training by selected trainers and content experts, from which specific skill acquisition folios are created for the users’ own development.

Grow Faster

Take charge of your Future now!

Budget Friendly
Worldwide Availability
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