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E-learning has been extensively used to deliver distance learning programs, with traditional universities at the forefront of exploring how technologies can be used to expand their existing distant learning modules. Some universities have created new paths by adopting dual teaching methods (Beller & Or, 1998); for instance, Stanford University now offers a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering completely online. There are currently numerous examples of traditional universities that have already begun to extend their standard residential study programs to “virtual campus” programs, using technology.

The University of Illinois, for instance, currently offers 63 online programs, including 12 Master’s level programs, over and above the normal resident student enrollment. Penn State University began its World Campus project in 1998, and is now offering 30 fully accredited degree programs online, in fields ranging from general education to information systems, counselor training, and turf grass management.

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In addition to offering various learning solutions, Cirentis stays on top of your specific training needs, and provides many options on its online training platform, called ZEBfolio, or “Zone for Education and Betterment”.

Build your own training folio, and follow-up on training with questionnaires and retention data reports. Save on training costs by registering to one of the Specialized Training Cells.

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Combining two or more types of training methods to maximize learning retention.

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The power to train at any time on any device, from everywhere.


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Includes follow-up, in-class learning with an instructor.

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