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Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is the task of transforming knowledge, assets and information into organized value for an organisation and its employees.

Getting the right information to the right people in a Well organized structured system to communicate with employees  to improve the sustainability and productivity of organisations.

Any activity that uses and applies knowledge can benefit from the disciplines of knowledge management, which covers most managerial and professional activities.

Traditional management tools and processes are very effective in organizing explicit knowledge such as know-how and operating procedures, etc., but fail to take advantage of tacit knowledge, which is more unstructured and depend on the sharing of people, within the organization.

High Quality Learning Content for Your Training Needs

In addition to offering various learning solutions, Cirentis stays on top of your specific training needs, and provides many options on its online training platform, called ZEBfolio, or “Zone for Education and Betterment”.

Build your own training folio, and follow-up on training with questionnaires and retention data reports. Save on training costs by registering to one of the Specialized Training Cells.

Extensive Training Expertise

Immersive Learning

Learning activities that immerse the learner into a meaningful and realistic experience.


Interactive and dynamic content that highly engages the learner. Content can be updated.

Blended Learning

Combining two or more types of training methods to maximize learning retention.

Online Course Hosting

The power to train at any time on any device, from everywhere.

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