Learning + Data = Future Proof Workplace

Curated Content

Today, we are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information, so it has become critical to be able to find what you need to learn. Cirentis provides curated content for training within a global knowledge sharing system – online training platforms, TED ED & TEDx curated video content, Incspire Day events and video podcasts. 

Data Acquisition Training

While training people to help them perform is key, gaining knowledge in order to survive in the 21st century is the most critical aspect of your business’ success. Acquiring Big Data from your day-to-day business operations and learning how to manage them as a competitive advantage are now part of the strategies required to stay on top of your market.

Behavioral Prediction Training

Your organizational culture needs to evolve with the times. From its core mission to its purpose, your culture has to be reflected in your business, your leadership and your workplace. Learning to predict behavior from data will provide information on how your employees would react to change. From Behavioral Predictions, you will also learn about customer behaviors and predict their response to your evolving market.

Future-Proof Workplace

The business market is constantly evolving, but we are only at the beginning of what might be one of the biggest changes in the workplace structure since the 60s. Acquisition and retention of talents is a major challenge with the new generation of workers. HR as to evolve toward a more open and inclusive system. More of the organizational budget needs to be invested toward human capital assets.

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